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My research interests center upon the realm of high-energy theoretical physics, specifically, the domains of quantum gravity, supersymmetry, and holography. 

I obtained my Ph.D. from Brown University in 2022 under Professor Jim Gates. During my Ph.D. journey, I embarked on studying ten- and eleven-dimensional supergravity theories and solved a forty-year-old problem in superfield supergravity in early 2020 with Gates and Mak. In 2021, I shifted my focus to a burgeoning field -- Celestial Holography. In 2022, I joined the Celestial Holography Initiative at Perimeter Institute as a postdoctoral fellow. 

My ongoing research program is centered on forging connections among several well-established research domains, including quantum error correction, scattering amplitudes, conformal bootstrap, and quantum gravity, within the framework of Celestial Holography.

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Celestial Holography

In modern physics, formulating a complete theory of quantum gravity remains one of the biggest challenges. As a new approach to probe quantum gravity, the quest for flat space holography has recently received a boost. The primary goal of Celestial Holography is to extend the holographic principle to asymptotically flat spacetimes like the one we inhabit. 

Recent discoveries unveiled and extended the equivalence between the Ward Identity of asymptotic symmetries identified by BMS, soft graviton theorem by Weinberg, and gravitational memory by Polnarev and Zeldovich. The extended synthesis implies that the 4D asymptotically flat quantum theory of gravity is governed by an infinite tower of symmetries, where BMS supertranslation and the local conformal group on the celestial sphere at null infinity (also called superrotation) fills the first two entries in the tower. The second entry motivates Celestial Holography to aim for a duality between quantum gravity in asymptotically flat spacetime and a codimension-two celestial conformal field theory (CCFT), which naturally touches on a number of disparate fields and has been developed in a wide variety of directions. 

Celestial Quantum Error Correction

Celestial Symmetries

Celestial Conformal Colliders

The Celestial Holographic Dictionary

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Previous Research

Research: Work

TTbar-Flows, Nonlinear SUSY, and Dp-brane Effective Actions

"Living is worthwhile if one can contribute in some small way to this endless chain of progress."

Paul A.M. Dirac

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